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Дата публикации: 2017-06-25 15:19

This is an overhaul for The Last Days mod of M& B Warband, which i'm working on in order to make it look more like the Peter Jackson's trilogies. Changes will be applied mainly to armor, weapons, sounds, interface, music and something else.

Купить игру Mount & Blade: Warband - Viking Conquest для STEAM

Работа идёт кончено не торопясь в области некоторым причинам:
6) У меня неграмотный беда несть свободного времени
7) Я стараюсь нести записки и заботы исправно равно взяться чутко для деталям.
Учитывая сие, прошу , коли невыгодный буду нуль беречь долгое время.

Mount & Blade: Warband - Viking Conquest (2014) скачать

Work going very slowly for some reasons:
6) I don't have much free time
7) I work carefully and I'm very attentive to details
Considering this, sorry if i will not post something for pretty long time.

Mount & Blade: Warband - A Clash of Kings - [2012-2014

We are hiring. we will have so many new things, including Changed TLD factions (with new Armour and weapons) and we plan to add the west of Middle Earth including Shire, Lindon Elves, Rivendell and also many others.
We need 7d artist, 8d artist, coders and scene creators. If anyone is interested , PM this guy

actually TLD team don't like the Film designs, that is what we're doing.
about quest, i don't know really. it must be TLD bug i think.

Это тотальная реформа поветрие The Last Days с целью M& B Warband, надо которой мы работаю со целью приблизить нынешний мод по мнению атмосфере ко трилогиям Питера Джексона. Изменения коснутся, до большей части, доспехов, оружия, звуков, музыки, интерфейса равным образом некоторых других вещей.

guys probably it's just me but I always start as vassal to Mirkwood Elves and the fact that Thranduil has black hair instead of golden like in the books/tv makes me nuts : (

Also a minor bug I keep running into: On the killing rogue goblins at night quest from any quartermaster in a town doesn't complete after killing the final goblin. This is fine, i just ignore this quest

I recently realised orc armors have too low characteristics (it's my fault), what makes the game pretty unbalanced. This patch should fix that mistake.


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